How long does a set of car tyres last? Ours took us a good 70,000 kms before we needed to replace them – and what better opportunity than to bring on board a new partnership, this time an American one!

Atturo Tires is a company who produce a whole range of tyres specifically for 4x4s and pick-ups (AKA utes). They were happy to partner up with us and send a set of 5 all terrain tyres for Vanda, saving us a good US $1,000.

We thought it was the perfect time to swap out Vanda’s old shoes, seeing as in the next month or so we’ll be hitting some pretty hard-core 4x4ing in Utah and the National Parks of USA’s west.

That means it’s the perfect time to test the new tyres out on some exciting terrain and to capture some nice footage to send back to Atturo as thanks.

We had the tyres sent to Houston while we were in town and the guys at Auto Trendz fitted and balanced them out for us.

Since replacing the tyres we’re really happy with how they look on Vanda and we’ve noticed a big reduction in road noise. The best part of having new tyres is also feeling at ease knowing that our grip is strong and we’re safer on the road.

The ATTURO TRAIL BLADE AT that we had installed are a little less off-road than the KUMHO KL78 we had previously. However, I think this is a good thing seeing as we drive a lot more on bitumen roads than rocks or dirt tracks.

In another 1,000 kms we’ll let you know how they’re handling!

We’re finally fully set for our west coast adventure. Propane tank is full, both fuel tanks are topped up, our pantry is stocked and we’re maxed out with 70 L of water. With new tyres and our 270,000 km service complete we’re now ready to hit Route 66 west towards Utah.