When Alex first came to me with the idea of driving around the world, I don’t think I quite heard or believed him properly. I think I must have just brushed it off as another one of those crazy ideas my husband comes up with.

But week after week he kept coming back to me with snippets of new ideas and ways we could achieve his dream. I was reserved to the idea, half thinking Alex would grow out of it and find something else to give his attention to, and half caught up in our busy lives without time to really sit down and think about what he had proposed.


One day however, we went out to have a drink at our favourite cafe on the beach. As per normal the subject changed to world circumnavigation by van and this time I actually listened.

I saw the change in his stance, heard the excitement in his voice and finally opened my mind up to what he was fantasising about. He had some very valid points in selling the idea to me.

First of all, it was the obvious choice for a couple of travel bugs that are addicted to exploring new places and that are bored with their everyday lives. He had me on that one.


However, secondly, it would not only be the trip of a lifetime, it would also be an opportunity for us to work on something we are passionate about, instead of wasting our days away at jobs where we don’t feel completely fulfilled. Why not work for ourselves, promote our trip and write about the incredible journey? We could further our careers in public relations, videography, web design and better our chances of self-employment in the future if we did it all well.

Thirdly, Alex enjoyed proving to me that travelling the world by van, although expensive, could actually be cheaper than staying at home and living a normal life (this is a contentious point that doesn’t consider receiving a salary or not – but who cares about that!?).


After hours of talking, considering pros and cons, writing lists and mapping out our future, I had a much better idea of what he actually dreamt of. I was at the very beginning of the long road to being convinced, but to be honest, I still had many doubts.

One of these doubts (that I thought was a slight under sight on my husband’s behalf) is that I’m not one for driving long distances. Yep, you heard it.. my husband is trying to convince me to drive around the WORLD when I can hardly say I enjoy the 500km drive to visit my dad.

Growing up in the most isolated capital city in the world, where the closest metropolitan district is a good 2,695kms away, and where the countryside is uncannily sparse and monotonous, it’s no wonder I’m not the biggest fan of driving.

Vanda na estrada

I just hope, and I have a feeling that, once I pass the boundaries of where I grew up, the new variety of landscapes and the different cultures will change my perception of such long drives.

Other doubts I had, which seem to be on the lips of a lot of people we share our plans with, is: are we really capable and able to make this happen, how do we get the resources to do it and will people be interested enough to follow our story?

I was completely in the right to ask these questions, as truthfully we are time poor, lacking in funds and don’t have much experience in this sort of endeavour. But writing this article eight months down the track, with the trip 100% going ahead, I am so proud to be able to answer these questions for myself.

Yes we are time poor, but even so we’ve managed to design our own website, transform our trusty van Vanda, research visas, routes, regulations and shipment, encourage five sponsors to date to get involved and finally kick off the countdown to when we plan to leave.


During our preparations, the incredible support and interest from friends, family members and complete strangers has opened my eyes to how we can really make this trip relevant to everyone and hopefully become a success. We’re so excited to inspire people and encourage them to chase their dreams, no matter what they are. We hope our story can do this!

Yes people have said we’re crazy… yes I thought my husband was out of his mind when he first mentioned the idea to me, but you know what.. against all odds his inkling of an idea is actually turning into a dream come true.


In doing so many things ourselves and really getting our hands dirty, we’ve been able to cut incredible costs in the set-up process. Our budget is still tight, but everything want to do is definitely possible… and guess what?

Each and every day I’m getting more and more excited for the trip of our lives. And I’ve finally realised the answer to my questions “how to react when your husband tells you he wants to drive around the world?”
The answer is you just plain and simple reply with “Hell yeah, let’s do it!”