We’ve spent a good part of the last 3 weeks getting to know Florida’s amazing coastline. With a couple of days spare before we were scheduled to hit up Orlando and the big parks we decided to spend some time relaxing at the beach.

You’ll find Siesta Beach is o fica na costa oeste da Flórida. Perto de Tampa.

After checking out a list of Florida’s top 5 beaches in the USA Lonely Planet Guide we realised that Siesta Beach was just around the corner from us. Perfect!

But it got better – when we arrived we saw a sign saying that Siesta Beach had been voted USA’s best beach on TripAdvisor in 2015! Wow… thats a big claim especially with competition like famous Malibu and Palm beaches. Right… we couldn’t wait to get on the sand.

The only problem? Finding parking was a nightmare! It took us a good 30 minutes of hard-core continual searching to successfully find a free spot in the beach’s massive car park. Is this a sign of how good this beach is? Instead of deterring us it encouraged us even more to check it all out.

We chucked on our bathers, grabbed our towels and were out the door in under a minute. We passed through a shaded park area on our way to the sand which looked perfect for picnics, volleyball games or just relaxing around. And FINALLY we hit the beach!

The stretch of sand before the turquoise blue waters of the Caribbean Sea is wider than normal and packed with colourful umbrellas, people playing ball games and retirees and spring-breakers alike sunbathing next to each other.

We left our belongings on the sand and ran straight for the tempting blue waters. After driving through winter in North America and then descending the East Coast of Florida (where the waters are slightly gray and non-transparent) we were delighted to see chrystal clear water!

The day was warm and sunny and we didn’t waste another second before diving into the cool waters, swimming out to the sandbar and floating on our backs to soak it all up – literally!

The atmosphere at Siesta Beach is pretty unique – its one of those places you feel like you could make friends anywhere you turn. Chat with the youngsters in the waves or join one of the volleyball games on the sand.

If you’ve already got friends with you then its the perfect place to set up an esky/ice cooler and enjoy a picnic with some ice cold beers.

We still haven’t visited enough beaches in the US to decide for ourselves whether this is, indeed, the country’s best beach. But after driving along a large portion of the Eastern Seaboard its certainly the best we’ve been to so far.

And you? What do you think is the USA’s best beach?

Let us know in the comments below so that we can enjoy the best sand and sea the US has to offer and share it with our readers!