Western Australia’s beaches have consistently been voted some of the world’s most beautiful – and we definitely agree!
With the most amount of coastline and bays per state in the world, there are thousands of white sanded, crystalline and pristine beaches to explore; so much so that it almost becomes difficult to choose which beaches to visit.

After living and travelling in the state for over two decades I thought I’d help out by writing this list of, in my opinion, the most unique and beautiful beaches Western Australia has to offer. Note: they are all stunning in their own way so I haven’t ranked by number.

Turquoise Bay, Exmouth

Turquoise Bay

For its unique current that pulls snorkelers at a perfect pace along the bay where you can see amazing coral formations and diverse marine life without hardly having to paddle.

Meelup / Eagle Bay, Dunsborough

Eagle Bay

For its northern facing and always calm turquoise waters and the Meelup Bay picnic area where you can see kookaburras and kangaroos every day.

Little Beach, Albany

Little Beach

For its literally perfect shape and water colour – plus the hidden waterfall beach just around the corner!

Redgate, Margaret River

Redgate Beach

For its surf break suited to all levels of experience and proximity to some of WA’s best gourmet produce.

Hellfire Bay, Esperance

Hellfire Bay

For its utter isolation (you’ll most likely have the beach to yourself) and sand so fine that it squeaks when you walk.

Green’s Pool, Denmark

Greens Pool

For being WA’s best kid-friendly beach (there’s never a wave over 30cm high thanks to a band of rocks protecting the bay) and for the exhilarating experience of jumping off Bombie’s Rock.

Cable Beach, Broome


For its brilliantly coloured sunsets, beach volleyball set up and opportunity to ride a camel in the shallows.

Cottesloe Beach, Perth

Cottesloe Beach

For its buzzing vibe, the Sculptures on the Beach exhibition every summer and the shaded grassy area perfect for a sunset picnic or fish and chip feast.

The Basin, Rottnest Island

The Basin

For being a natural swimming pool with some stunning snorkelling opportunities – and having to catch a bus or ride a bike to get there makes it that little bit more unique.

Penguin Island, Rockingham

Penguin Island

For being able to walk to the Island yourself on low tide and the novelty of finding penguins hidden in its limestone crevices.