You can ski/snowboard an entire day for less than CAN $15!

Skiing and snowboarding are some of the most expensive sports out there. But if you’re smart and know what you’re doing you can actually buy a full day ski pass for as little as $15!

This is what we paid at Le Relais slope in Quebec City – a perfect place to learn and build up your confidence in the snow. Many ski resorts in Canada offer great discounts on opening week and further deals for skiing more than one day. Canada can be one of the cheapest places to ski in North America.


Poutine is the unofficial national dish

Some call it a monstrosity, others swear its the perfect comfort food – but you have to try it yourself to be the judge. Poutine is the combination of crunchy potato fries covered in gooey gravy and topped off with squeaky cheese curds.

Our tip: If you’re ordering poutine at a restaurant, ask for extra crunchy fries so they don’t go soggy under the gravy.


It’s common to see bears crossing the road or even in the middle of town

This is no joke – even in winter! We took the picture above while driving through Banff National Park near Calgary. The large grizzly bear was exploring along the side of the highway before it bounded across the road 20 metres in front of us.

Our Canadian friends say it’s common for bears to roam into suburbs and towns in search of food. Some have even learnt how to open car doors if there’s something delicious taunting them from inside!!


Canada has two official languages

85.6% of Canadians speak English while 30.1% speak French, and all public signs, government documents and legislature are written and conducted in both languages.

Both France and England have had a profound influence in creating the Canada we see today, and this makes for a really interesting mix of cultures – in music, food, architecture and traditions.

Montreal is even the second largest French speaking city, only surpassed by Paris, France itself!


The Canadian side of Niagara Falls is way better than the U.S side

This is a well known fact. Both the falls themselves and the town on the Canadian side are way prettier and more enjoyable than just across the border in the U.S.

Check out a magic show and walk the brightly-lit Falls Avenue, explore the picturesque village of Niagara-on-the-Lake just 10kms from the falls and don’t miss tasting ice wine and other distilled delicacies at dozens of wineries dotting the surrounding area.

Northern Lights over Lake Peyto in Banff National Park.

The Northern Lights are visible as far south as Calgary

The incredible phenomenon of moving colourful streaks through the night sky usually only occurs in arctic regions. However, when the skies are clear and the weather appropriate you can easily see the Northern Lights from the Canadian Rocky Mountains, as far south as Calgary!

Unfortunately we didn’t get the right weather to witness this amazing occurrence, but if you’re planning a trip to the Rockies make sure to check the weather forecast first!


The Canadian Rocky Mountains is in our top 3 destinations world-wide

Ahhh, the Rockies. We fell utterly head over heals in love with this astounding landscape and the wonderful wildlife we witnessed while in the mountains. Banff and Jasper National Parks are nature’s very own wonderland and cannot be missed on a trip to Canada.

Read more about why we list the Canadian Rocky Mountains as one of our top world-wide favourite destinations here.


Canadians have invented some pretty wacky snow sports

From frozen waterfall climbing to curling (where ice is literally polished in front of a sliding ball to make it slide further), skeleton (contestants run down a hill before launching themselves on a featherweight sled and race) and skijoring (being pulled on your skis by a pack of dogs or arctic foxes) the Canadians have inventes all sorts or weird and wonderful sports to keep them occupied during the long, cold winters.


Canada has the longest coastline of any country in the world

243,977 kilometres to be exact (thats 151,600 miles)! Many of these are covered in ice and snow year around, however there are still miles and miles of stunning coastline to explore – from Vancouver Island in the west to the French area knows as Gaspasie in the east and the thousands of islands dotting the north of the country.

Canada is also the second largest country in the entire world (after Russia) and offers some of the most isolated and beautiful landscapes on the globe. We hope we’ve inspired you to check some of these out for yourself in your future travels!