One of the main concerns in an overlander’s life is when and where to stop along the road to make camp and start cooking dinner before it gets too dark, too cold or you get eaten alive by mosquitos.

After just a month of travelling we think we’ve found a solution that makes this dilemma a lot less stressful!

The answer is a 12 volt slow cooker that plugs into the cigarette lighter and slowly roasts or bakes your dinner during the whole day – leaving you free in the evening to drive as far as you want and still have an amazing meal ready within 5 minutes of arrival.


Before we left on our trip we’d been really getting into slow cooked meals – hearty stews, pulled meat, puddings and soups are some of the delicacies our slow cooker fed us and are all relatively cheap meals to produce. We thought this would be a great idea for when we were travelling but knew we couldn’t take a full sized electrical slow cooker with us.

So Alex got researching and found that truckies have the same dilemma as overlanders and had already invented the solution for us! A 12 volt slow cooker can be bought from Ebay Australia from between AUD $80 -$120. We bought our RoadPro 1.5L cooker from Amazon in the U.S for US $30 and we couldn’t be happier with it!


When we feel like a slow cooked meal all we’ll do is chop a few veggies in the morning, pop it into the slow cooker with some frozen or fresh meat, a few spices and sauces and then plug it into the cigarette lighter and get driving. The time is takes to cook depends on if the meat was frozen or not, and how liquid the dish is – but anything between three and eight hours will produce a delicious dinner.


We find that our 1.5L cooker is perfect to feed a couple for 1-3 meals or 4 people for a hearty dinner. You can always extend this out by quickly steaming some couscous, rice or pasta to have as a side dish.

The slow cooker makes life so much crusier when we’re driving long distances or even when we just can’t be bothered spending heaps of time cooking at the end of an adventurous day hiking or diving. We definitely recommend it to other overlanders and would love to hear your feedback on how it works out for you (or even some simple slow cooker recipes we can try)!

Safe travels and bon apetite!