20 places you can’t miss visiting in the USA


We’ve just finished our epic trip through the United States of America where we drove through over 30 states and visited countless spectacular spots.

These are our top 20 most beautiful and unique places that we can’t recommend enough checking out for yourself!


Key West, Florida

Turqoise beaches, endless summer and the longest stretch of bridges in the world connecting dozens of tropical islands. Hell yes!


Great Sand Dunes National Park, Colorado

Snow capped mountains, golden sand dunes and a frozen river that separates the two? This place is surreal!


Manhattan, New York

No matter where you explore in Manhattan you will always find beautiful, unique, multicultural and delicious things to see, do and eat. You can keep going back for years and never get bored!


Universal Studios, Florida

Our personal favourite of all the theme parks we visited – Harry Potter World blew our minds away and the lines were far quicker than Disney.


Route 66, Arizona

We enjoyed the section of Route 66 that runs through Arizona, but any piece of this historic road is really interesting and certainly nostalgic.


Las Vegas, Nevada

Great restaurants, cheap shows, beautiful architecture and never ending options for fun. This place had us up all night with our jaws on the floor!


Monument Valley, Arizona

Nothing can prepare you for this place and its stupendous landscape. You just have to go yourself to get an idea of how beautiful it is.


Chicago, Illinois

This was one of our favourite Metropolises in the States – quirky buildings, a beautiful view over Lake Michigan, lush parks and delicious food (especially deep dish pizza)!


Mesa Verde, Colorado

No one told us there are ancient ruins built in caves and cliff faces in Colorado!!! The totally unique history and impressive stone buildings here really made an impact on us.


Charleston, South Carolina

The most beautiful houses we saw in the country made us feel like we’d stepped back into a time of elegance and southern splendour.


Crystal River, Florida

You can swim with wild manatees here for free? Wait, what?!?! Stunningly clear water, perfect weather and the cutest marine animals as your companions. We LOVED this place!


Death Valley, California

Mysteriously moving rocks, salt lakes and shifting sand dunes – this was our first visit to a full on desert and it’s so unique and beautiful in its own way.


Horseshoe Bend, Arizona

On the side of the road near Page is this perfect horseshoe shaped canyon with crystal clear water and immense red-rock walls. If you can spot the tent at the bottom of the canyon you’ll get an idea of how big this place is!


Zion National Park, Arizona

If you like hiking, rock climbing and sheer natural beauty this place is for you. The vibe in this stunning valley is so good its infectious, and everywhere you look the landscape will surprise you.


Grand Canyon, Arizona

Another obvious one, but this is simply a must see. I’ll leave it at that!


Savannah, Georgia

Another charming southern town dotted with Antebellum architecture and ancient moss covered oak trees, Savannah is a buzzing university town with a youthful vibe and beauty everywhere. Oh, it’s also where Forrest Gump was filmed!


Valley of the Gods, Utah

One of our outright favourites – this 20km offroad loop through the stunning scenery of Utah takes your breath away and makes you feel so small. You can even free camp anywhere along the road and stay to watch the night sky light up with a piercing milky way of stars.


Yosemite Park, California

We experienced the worst traffic jam of our trip here, yet it still made it to our most favourite spots list. Immense waterfalls, endless hiking and cute wildlife on a scale that is unimaginable. We want to go back already.


Redwoods State and National Park, California

These trees are immense, ancient and utterly beautiful. There’s also a fern covered canyon and wild moose and bears wandering around to top of that fairytale feel.


Lake Tahoe, California

Snow topped mountains encircle this enormous turquoise lake that boast amazing hiking trails, cute cabins, wildlife galore and beautiful vistas everywhere you look. So we tacked it on the end here as a bonus for you all :)!

What about you? Share your favourite spots in the USA in the comments below.