In my opinion Malaysian food is in the top 5 best cuisines of the world. It’s influenced heavily by Chinese, Indian and South East Asian food but has its own unique and delicious origins. When we planned to visit a good friend in Kuala Lumpur we knew that a big part of our time spent in the country would be related in some way to food.

With our friend’s local advice on where to find some of the city’s best eateries we didn’t hold back. Here is a list of our top 5 foods and dining experiences in Kuala Lumpur.

Roti Canai

Roti Canai Flat Bread, Indian Food, Made From Wheat Flour Dough.

Malaysia’s most delicious yet simple dish by far is Roti Canai (pronounced rotty chan-eye). Think Indian flat bread crossed with a buttery croissant and then injected with flavour steroids and you’ll be close to imagining how deliciously mouth watering this dish is.

Normally it is served with a variety of dipping sauces – including curry, dahl, sambal (chilli chutney that is slightly sweet) or rendang – but you can also find sweet versions that are sprinkled with sugar, kaya (local coconut jam) and extra butter.

Most Indian restaurants in Kuala Lumpur will serve Roti but the city’s most famous place to experience this scrumptious treat is at Valentine Roti on Jalan Semarak.



This spicy yet creamy soup made from coconut milk, curry base, noodles and seafood or chicken is another delicious Malaysian cuisine that can get addictive.

Its usually served with bean curd puffs, fish sticks, prawns and sometimes cockles and is topped off with coriander and a spoonful of sambal on the side. The dish perfectly balances warm spiciness with the sweet creaminess of the coconut milk, while all the condiments and garnishes give it incredible texture.

For a really local laksa experience head to the ICC Pudu food court on Jalan 1/77C and grab a bowl for 7 Malaysian ringit (thats just over $2AUD).



While you’re eating your laksa or roti canai there’s no better way to wash it all down than with an icy Cham drink. This drink is a combination of tea, coffee and condensed milk. Although it sounds like a strange combination, the effect once its all mixed in together with a generous amount of ice is surprisingly delicious. Most food courts and markets will sell you a glass for between $0.80 – $2 AUD.

Thai Fish Farm


For something a little different you can experience a unique and tasty dining experience at Veg Fish Farm in the hills of Ampang Jaya just 15 minutes from the city centre.

The fish cultivated at this farm are transformed into mouth watering Thai and Malaysian dishes at the restaurant on the bank of the fish ponds.


Enjoy all types of exotic seafood, fresh fruit juices and an unbeatable coconut and mango sticky rice for dessert; you might even be lucky enough to have your dishes delivered by boat from across the pond! For a unique and moderately priced dining experience, you can’t go past this place.


On the way home after your meal you’ll also be rewarded with an amazing view of Kuala Lumpur city centre and the Petronas towers from the hilly road you’ll return on.

Fei Fei Crab Restaurant


This place gets packed every night of the week, and it’s no surprise why. The Chinese restaurant specialises in fresh crabs cooked in Kam Heong creamy butter sauce or crunchy salted egg. Make sure you order a side of mantou to soak up the extra sauce from the crabs. Mantou is a buttery bread loaf that is fluffy and super soft on the inside and enveloped in a layer of crispy crust on the outside – the crust is actually the best bit!

We went all out here and ordered the Kam Heong crabs, prawns done two ways (with a crispy salted egg batter and a spicy sweet sauce) and some mantou and garlic buttered greens on the side. The food came served on giant platters, way more than we had expected, and although our hunger was very well satiated half way through the meal, we couldn’t resist finishing every last morsel of food.


After our delicious meal we walked twenty metres to the bar on the street corner and enjoyed the rest of our night listening to live music and playing darts on digital counting boards.


Thanks to our wonderful hosts Jeff and Eyan for sharing your favourite eateries with us and being the best guides we could have expected in such a multicultural and delicious city. We enjoyed every second of our stay in Kuala Lumpur thanks mainly to you guys and the scrumptious foods we tasted.