We got a pair of free tickets to Disney World’s four theme parks just as we arrived in Florida. Although the ticket was only valid for one day, we were still super excited to try to visit every park – thats Animal Kingdom, Hollywood Studios, EPCOT and Magic Kingdom.

It was my very first time as Disney World and probably the last chance I’ll have in a very long time to go back there… so we got a good night’s sleep the night before, donned some comfortable shoes and prepared ourselves for a massive day of fun.

We were mad.

We spent from 8am until after 11pm non-stop going on rides, exploring the parks’ themed areas, waiting in lines (a lot) and getting transport between the parks.

Although it was an incredible experience, we didn’t have anywhere near enough time to really appreciate what was happening around us. Our recommendation is to go to one, maximum two parks per day to really make the most of your tickets.

Us, exhausted, after 14 hours of Disneying.

Animal Kingdom

We started the day at Disney’s Animal Kingdom, thinking it would be the park that would least interest us and that we could spend the leas time visiting.

We got this wrong too. We absolutely loved the natural vibe, beautiful forrest, live animals and cultural representations of places like Africa, Nepal and South-East Asia.

The massive Tree of Life at the park’s centre sits atop an entire theatre!

Everything is done extremely well – we almost felt like we were back in Asia at the Kali River Rapids and thoroughly enjoyed going on a ‘safari through Africa’. Although the Africa part wasn’t real, the animals were! We saw hippopotami, lions, giraffe, elephants, crocodiles, flamingos and heaps more.

Hollywood Studios

At around 11am we headed to Hollywood Studios and felt like we wasted a heap of time there. As it was the middle of the day all the lines were really long (over an hour) and it was impossible to book any Fast Pass+ tickets. If we had the whole day, I’m sure we would have appreciated it a lot more.

The attractions here are all based on popular Disney films – the most famous at the moment being Star Wars. But classics like Indiana Jones and Toy Story are still really popular.

We went on one mediocre ride (The Great Movie Ride), watched a Star Wars show out in the open and decided to leave to have lunch at EPCOT.

EPCOT Center

This park is a celebration of the world, its different cultures and the sustainable future we can create for our world.

The best way to visit EPCOT is to stroll around the ‘world lake’ that borders 11 nations. Every couple of hundred metres you’ll be taken into a completely different culture – from architecture to food and drink, typical dance and music presentations to shopping you’ll feel like you’re really in Morroco, Japan or Mexico.

EPCOT was probably our favourite of all four parks, however, seeing as we’re already driving around the world we decided to make tracks and get to Magic Kingdom in time to watch the end of day parades and fireworks display.

Magic Kingdom

The Magic Kingdom is all about the beautiful surrounds, kid-friendly rides and Disney princesses. It’s the most famous of all parks with Cinderella’s Castle standing proudly at its centre.

We immersed ourselves in the magical atmosphere that captures everyone – not just the kids. Both rides we managed to get on, Pirates of the Caribbean and Splash Mountain, were really enjoyable (more for the theming and wonder than the adrenaline).

After watching the fireworks from the top of the Robinson Crusoe Treehouse and enjoying dinner at a themed restaurant we decided to call it quits. It was 11pm and we were exhausted!

Take our advice and don’t try to do what we did. Yes it was awesome – but taking more time to visit each of the parks would have been even more special. Yes, its pricey to do so.. but this place is literally out of this world and worth the money for such a wonderful experience.

Thanks Disney!