Stuck in a rut with no excitement or colour to your life? Jealous of everyone else who’s posting amazing travel photos on Facebook? If you’re experiencing any of the following five signs then its time for you to get out there and leave everything behind to explore the world.

1 – You spend your days walking around like a zombie


Do you wake up, get ready and feel like the rest of your day is spent aimlessly walking around like a zombie from the Walking Dead? The only thing keeping you going is your next meal time or that sacred moment when you get to leave the office for the day? But part of you knows that come tomorrow, its all going to repeat itself and you’ll be stuck in a mindless time-warp that feels like its never ending.

When our lives get stagnant in times like these, time off to travel can be the best cure out there. Grab a friend and spend a long weekend exploring new places. Of if you’re really adventurous, leave everything behind and spend a few months backpacking to really find what you want to do with your life.

2 – You have a love/hate relationship with other people’s travel photos on Facebook


Do you get all flustered when you see photos of your friends hiking the Himalayas or relaxing on a Caribbean beach? You only press ‘thumbs up’ because there’s no ‘middle finger up’ button and you know deep down you deserve to be there with them?

If the photos are from somewhere you’ve already traveled to then, okay that might be bearable – but if the photos show somewhere beautiful and intriguing that you’ve never visited, then its a full on crisis! You go straight to Google and start researching places that will blow your mind and make your friends jealous. Don’t stop there! Actually make it happen, book those tickets and get on the plane. You won’t regret it for a second.

3 – You regret not having traveled more in the past


Do you feel an unnerving sense of lost opportunities when you look back at your past? Do you regret not taking action on those dreams you had and now feel like the chance has passed?
Sorry to break it to you, but you’re wrong! Its never too late to pluck up the courage and leave everything behind to make your dreams a reality. No matter if you’re in the middle of studies, have small children or just landed that great job – you’re never going to be at ease or fully live your life until you follow your desire to see the world.
These days there are so many options to suspend your studies, travel with your kids or take unpaid leave from work that there’s no excuse NOT to get out there exploring.

4 – The travel bug has caught you in its addictive snare


Everyone who’s come back from a trip knows that returning home to normal life is not an easy feat. Either you get a bad case of the post travel blues and find it difficult settling back into normal unadventurous life; or you can’t resist the pull to start researching and planning for your next trip (usually you’ll experience both).
In this case, all you can do is admit you’ve been infected by the travel bug and let the disease run its course. Allow yourself the pleasure of dreaming about your next adventure and as soon as its possible, book the tickets and make it happen.

5 – You’re constantly living for your next holidays


Forget getting that promotion or finishing your next project – all you can do at work is dream about your next holidays and pay the bills until you get there. You don’t hate your job, but apart from those 30 days of bliss each year, the rest are just a requirement to fit into ‘normal’ life. If this is the case, perhaps what others see as normal doesn’t quite fit your personality or what you want to do with your life. These days there are so many options to work from home or travelling or even to set up your own blog or business that supports your travelling lifestyle. Re-think your options and remember… you only live once!