The Valley of the Gods.. we couldn’t have thought up a better name for it if we tried. This place is mind-blowing, with gravity defying rock formations scattering the desert plains, seemingly popping up from nowhere. In our opinion it is one of USA best gems.. and completely free to explore and camp!

Driving part of the 24km loop road

The valley is located in the south-eastern corner of Utah, near Mexican Hat and only a short driving to world famous Monument Valley. The valley consists of a 24km dirt road that runs across a flat desert landscape and then enters a red rock canyon plentiful in awe inspiring vistas.


The tiny spot beside the road is us! Photo taken with our drone.

Camping is allowed anywhere along the dirt road and there are many turn-outs you can use as your campsite. Keep off untouched land in your vehicle so as to preserve this beautiful place!

It’s very rare that we stay more than two nights in one place, but when we found our little spot for the night we knew we had to stay for longer. The sun was setting and the country around us was being lit up in multiple colours that were always changing – from red to orange, pink to purple and a hazy golden light that hung everywhere, this place is magical!

We spent two and a half days taking in the natural beauty, relaxing in the sun while reading a book and exploring the rock formations around us. You could just sit and watch the view around you change as the light of day moves and be content.

We’ll defiantly be back one day!