If you’re road tripping the USA at the moment, especially in California, you’ll have heard the bad news about the state’s most beautiful road being closed off near Big Sur.

In January 2017 Highway 1 was shut down in two sections due to mudslides that weakened the road structure. This is super unfortunate as the area in which it is closed is where you’ll find some of California’s most beautiful coastal roads.

However, there is some good news! There’s still a way to access the beautiful beaches, coastal cliffs and lush campsites between Lucia and Gorda along Highway 1.

Whether you’re coming North or South, you’ll have to detour to Highway 101 until you reach King City. From there, take Jolon Road westwards and then Nacimiento-Fergusson Road.

This will actually take you straight through the Fort Hunter-Liggett Military base, however the road is open to through traffic (just make sure you don’t stop within the military base’s boundaries).

Once you reach the coastal hills, the road gets very narrow and curvy. Take precautions driving through here, especially as fog can be prevalent.

You’ll eventually come out on Highway 1 in between Lucia and Plaskett. You have around 12 miles of coastline to explore before the road closes again just after Gorda and near Lucia.

But there are still a heap of things to do. We camped out in the Plaskett Creek campground for the weekend and went surfing, hiking and exploring along the coast. We even found a hidden cave at Sand Dollar Beach and went 4x4ing in the hills.

There is fuel available at Gorda Gas Station (no diesel) but it is super pricey at over $7 a gallon, so make sure you bring enough to get in and out without having to fill up. They also have some food and camping supplies here.

We hope this information can help you get to know California’s most beautiful road even during the closures. Comment below if you have any other related information you can add!