Everywhere we went in the states we were constantly told about an outdoor adventure wonderland by the name of Moab. Every single traveller we met said we MUST go to Moab to experience it for ourselves – so, we took their advice and arrived in the Spring.

We arrived (stupidly) on a Friday afternoon and the entire town was totally crowded. The streets hummed constantly with the sound of ATVs, dirt bikes and aggressive looking Jeeps and every single campsite we entered was jam-packed full.

Searching for a spot to camp along Potash Road.

At 11 pm we ended up joining a bunch of other vans at a mountain bike trailhead out of town and finally got some sleep.

The next morning we woke up to a scream echoing among the canyons – it seemed to get louder the longer it lasted. We peaked outside and were totally shocked to see a base jumper, moments after opening his parachute, glide to the ground above our heads.

We camped our first night in the carpark below. Image from hunterimagery.com

All around us the carpark was buzzing with couples pumping up tyres on their  mountain bikes, dusting their hands with chalk to climb the sheer rocks beside us or kick starting their dirt bikes.

This was our introduction to Moab – and we loved it!

The whole area surrounding Moab is a canyon-laced red rock desert where pockets of greenery hint at the Colorado River’s presence. But the entire region never stops crawling with adventure activities and feels like you’ve landed in the middle of a Red Bull event.

The town is a total Meca for adventurers and adrenaline-seekers. You’ll find all the equipment and activities your heart could dream of from suped-up Jeep tours to sky diving, white water rafting, all levels of rock climbing, impressive mountain biking tracks and the USA’s best four wheel driving – not to mention two of the country’s most beautiful National Parks within a short drive of the town centre (Arches and Canyonlands).

Can you spot Vanda in this pic?

We spent an entire week in Moab and not for one moment did we feel bored or uninspired. Alex’s eyes were bulging out of his head and shining with excitement – and poor Vanda suffered a little from his enthusiasm to take her offroad. We tackled around 8 different tracks including Elephant Hill and Colorado River Overlook in Canyonlands National Park, the Potash-Schafer Trail, Hoorah Pass, Baby Lion’s Back and Fins n’ Things right near Moab.

Check out how Vanda performed on the Fins n’ Things track in the video below:

Overall we had such a fantastic time exploring, camping, 4x4ing and meeting like-minded adventurers in this crazy town. We also explored both Arches National Park and two sides of Canyonlands National Park – both of which blew our breathe away. The views from Canyonland’s Island in the Sky and the incredible formation of Delicate Arch are experiences we’ll never forget.

View from Island in the Sky, Canyonlands National Park
Delicate Arch, Arches National Park

Check out some more photos from this amazing area of the United States: