It took a good 30,000kms but it happened – we went for a shower at the Planet Fitness gym in Jacksonville Florida and came back to find our back right wheel completely flat.

A giant square headed screw was the culprit. It had pierced straight through the rubber!

So we got to work right then and there to repair it. Luckily we take a tyre puncture kit with us everywhere we go, so we set out to plug the tyre without having to take the wheel off.

After snapping a good shot of the tyre and posting it to Facebook we were completely surprised when one of the gym workers came out to talk to us.

– “Do you guys know a David from Canada?”

– “Yeah we do,” we replied.

– “He just called us and bought you guys these bottles of water!”

The guy passed us two bottles of ice cold water and we couldn’t wipe the grins off our faces. Dave, a stranger who’d invited us to watch ice hockey in Niagara Falls, had somehow managed to track us down by the Facebook post and make our day! Thanks Dave!!

Anyway, back to the tyre! We managed to plug up the whole nicely right there in the parking lot. It took us around 15 minutes to find the screw, pull it out with pliers, patch up the hole with a plug and fill the tyre back up with our air compressor. If you’d like to see how easy it is to do, check out the video below:

Although getting a punctured tyre is easily fixed in most places (and not too expensive), being able to plug our tyres at anytime and anywhere is imperative to us. We both save money, time and avoid any danger by having the tyre repair kit with us.

For anyone who travels a lot in their car we highly recommend buying a kit. They’re super compact and only cost $13 – you can buy one here.

If you’re doing overland adventures then an air compressor is also important to take with you.

A week later and our tyre is still holding up perfectly. No need to re-patch is or even top up the air pressure! One more win for us :)!