Shafer Trail – Canyonlands National Park, Utah, USA

This dirt road cuts through the red rock canyons near Moab, Utah and eventually reaches the Colorado River at the very bottom. The road’s countless hairpin bends give you undisturbed and jaw dropping views over the canyons below.


Gibb River Road – Western Australia, Australia

A 650km dirt road that traverses the most stunning corner of Australia and gives you a true sense of the Aussie Outback. With red rock gorges, semi-tropical foliage and dozens of waterfalls and crystal clear swimming holes you’ll feel like you’re in paradise. And the best bit? You’ll probably have it all to yourself! Read more here!


Valley of the Gods – Utah, USA

This is a 20km loop road that passes through stunning desert scenery where rock buttes stick up out of the flat earth and defy gravity itself. Camping is allowed and free anywhere along the road and the night skies turn your campsite into 5 billion star accommodation.


Angkor Wat small circuit route – Siem Reap, Cambodia

Although this isn’t one single road, we couldn’t help adding it to our list due to its totally unique nature and utter beauty. The circuit takes you past dozens of ancient temples in the Angkor Wat region and through some pretty thick jungle. Read here for more information.


Great Ocean Road – Victoria, Australia

Australia’s south-eastern coast is littered with picturesque jewels and interesting spots. The Great Ocean Road will take you on a scenic drive to see a heap of these including the famous 12 Apostles (marooned limestone rock formations), a grove infested with glow worms, Loch And Gorge, London Bridge (a natural rock arch) and dozens of cute seaside towns.

Watch this video for more stunning locations along the Great Ocean Road.


Overseas Highway – Florida, USA

This one seems to be more bridge than road. 181kms of paved highway that connects hundreds of tiny keys (or islands) at the very south tip of the United States. The water is turquoise, the weather warm and the whole vibe of the area is relaxed and enjoyable.
Watch our trip along this incredible road in the video below:


The Icefields Parkway – Alberta, Canada

This stunning road winds through the best of what the Canadian Rocky Mountains have to offer. From the Athabasca Glacier (above) to mirror-like lakes, turquoise waterfalls and rugged mountains scenery, this road never ceases to amaze. We drove through Jasper and Banff National ParkS and absolutely fell in love with the area. Find out more here.


Hải Vân Pass – Da Nang, Vietnam

We made this trip by bus and were in awe at the awesome views to the ocean on our left and the lush jungle to our right. Travelling by bus in Vietnam is super easy and affordable – the buses even have beds! Find out more here.


Niemeyer Avenue – Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

This is the kind of road that makes you feel as if you were in the middle of a fancy racing game. A double decker road that passes through tunnels, alongside Favelas (Brazilian shanty towns) and above some of the most beautiful coastline in the world – its definitely up there in our top 10 roads.


Million Dollar Highway – Colorado, USA

This road certainly deserves its decadent name. The paved yet very narrow road winds its way through snow covered mountains, fairytale villages, beside abandoned gold mines and alongside sheer cliff faces with some very scary drops right from the road.

Drive with caution and don’t forget to stop to admire the various waterfalls, hiking trails and mountain views.