How we navigate around the world

We use a variety of navigational tools and apps to help us online and offline while we travel. What do you use? Comment below!

First 48 hours in Mexico = Drama!

2 days packed with drama in Baja California. Dodgy cops, military checkpoints, near crash and a perfect sunset... we got it all!

One-of-a-Kind VW Syncro Tour – Van life

Tobi and Anja shipped their awesome VW Syncro Camper from Germany to Uruguay, where they begun their northbound PanAmerican Adventure almost 2 years ago. Since...

Camping with your dog: Everything you need to know

Living the overlander lifestyle we meet so many people travelling and camping with their dogs. Even so, a lot of people let having a...

Tips for driving in Baja California – Mexico

If you're driving offroad, make sure to horn before entering a bend The 14 second video above shows exactly why you should prove your presence...

Crossing the Mexican border with a foreign car

Crossing international borders is always a tense moment in our lives! This video gives you some tips and information on crossing the USA/Mexican border...

Preparing a vehicle for a Latin American adventure – EP 01 OVERLAND WAY

We're really excited and happy to share this first video in a series covering our adventures down the Pan American HWY all the way...

Why we upgraded to a hardshell rooftop tent after 15 months on the road

After 15 months travelling the world by car with a soft-shell rooftop tent we're upgrading to a hardshell tent. Why? They're more compact, quicker and...

Tragedy Strikes in a Baja Oasis

This week we get hit with some tragic news. Even though we find a lush oasis in the middle of Baja California, travelling isn't...