Although we extensively researched and calculated how much it would cost to drive around the world, we were never 100% sure if these calculations would be correct and if we’d be able to make the trip on our limited budget.

We gave ourselves AU$ 100 a day as a budget – and this would cover everything from fuel, food, accommodation, shipping, maintenance/repairs, insurance and any other travel costs. With this figure we would be able to be on the road for 2-3 years.

After 30 days of travel, we can now sit a little more relaxed knowing that our calculations were pretty spot on! Have a look below at exactly where all our money went, how our fuel consumption was and what type of accommodation we used.


So far we have spent a total of AU$ 2,047.00, being AU$ 68.25 per day on average. From this we spent AU$ 1,237 on diesel, AU$ 622 on groceries/food and AU$ 187 on accommodation.


The car and fuel consumption

So far Vanda has performed amazingly. Our only problem was a busted front wheel bearing which we were able to fix ourselves on the side of the road.


When we left home we had 237,138 km on the odometer, and now after just one month, we’re on 243,459 km! We drove a total of 6,321 km, which works out to 210.7 km per day – although our longest drive was 670 km between Port Hedland and Broome.

We’d calculated that Vanda would consume around 14 litres per 100 kms and managed to come in pretty close to this figure. Our average consumption was 12.88 L/100km, with our best number so far being 12.00 L/100km while driving on the freeway at 90 km/h. And our worst? 17.09 L/100km 4WDing, fully loaded with food for 12 days and 4 people on board.


Where we slept

How did we only spend $187 on accommodation in 30 days? Camping of course! There are so many amazing places to pitch a tent in the outback and this is what we did 23 out of our 30 nights.


We only paid for accommodation seven times when we were within the limits of a national park and were obliged to stay at a paid campsite.accommodation-type-en


Although our budget doesn’t allow us to stay at fancy 4 or 5 star hotels, we don’t mind – our accommodation is 5 BILLION star!


How we’re feeling

In the last month our lives have completely changed! We were stuck in the routine of working 9-5 in order to be able to pay our mortgage and for the comfortable city life we lived.

We may not have the same level of comfort anymore, but the freedom that we’ve achieved far outweighs the fact we might not have a shower tonight!

Every day we wake up to stunning scenery, we enjoy a long breakfast and sometimes a good chat to a fellow traveller. Then the rest of the day is spent doing whatever we feel like! We’ve explored stunning water-filled gorges, been surfing, taken some incredible photos, hiked through forests and deserts, written about our experiences, made new friends and had lazy naps after a picnic lunch.

At night time we’ve counted shooting stars, roasted a roo tail over the fire, constructed an outdoor cinema, played UNO, swum in clear springs under the stars and stayed up talking for hours with no pressure of having to wake up the next day at a certain time.darwin-1-2


Already we feel physically and mentally healthier – we’ve both lost weight and turned a shade darker from the sun, and our relationship is stronger as we have the time to communicate and connect. Our joy for life is returning and we’re appreciating the beautiful country and people around us which in turns inspires and fulfils us.

After only 30 days we’re still adjusting to this new life and, of course, there are some modifications still do be made – but overall WE’RE LOVING IT!