Arriving in northern Australia there’s one very important thing you must learn (and fast): be vary aware of crocodiles around water – no matter if its a river or the ocean! Massive prehistoric saltwater crocodiles (salties) that get up to seven metres in length inhabit many of northern Australia’s watering holes and beaches and have been known to eat humans on several occasions.


Luckily most rivers, billabongs and beaches have signs warning against entering the water or a ranger who’ll check regularly for crocs. Some popular swimming places even place croc-traps to keep the monsters out! Apart from a few freshwater croc sightings, we didn’t have any encounters with crocodiles while we were in the Northern Territory. We were both very happy about this, but also a bit curious to actually see some in the wild.


We thought we couldn’t leave the state without seeing a proper saltie, and so ended up booking a cruise to finally get up close and personal with some wild crocs.

Adelaide River CruiseJust one hours drive out of Darwin we jumped on one of Adelaide River Cruises jumping croc boats and straight away saw one of the world’s biggest know living crocodiles, Brutus. At 5.5m long and 80+ years old he is a sight to behold and had both our hearts racing.

Crocodile River Cruise

Not one minute of the cruise passed without us seeing at least one crocodile beside the boat, either stealthily approaching us or lunging metres into the air to snap up some buffalo meat hanging from the side of our boat.


The crocs got so close that several times a tail, eye or massive scale would come within centimetres of your face! What a hair raising experience, and well worth the $45 for the tour.

Adelaide River Cruises

If you’re ever in Darwin and looking for a thrilling experience, this has got to be it. The crocodiles are in their natural habitat and if it weren’t for the safety mesh on the sides of the boat, you’d most certainly end up as a crocs dinner.

Check out our video from the cruise and see the massive power and stealth of the crocs yourself: