Purnalulu National Park is one of Western Australia’s most northernmost and isolated parks. It sits a good 3,000kms from Perth and over 400km from the nearest town of Kununurra.

With a rock formation affectionately known as the Bungle Bungles at its centre, the park’s remoteness is a big part of what makes it so beautiful and untouched.

The Bungle Bungles will awe you with incredible rock formations of varying colours, ages and dimensions. From Cathedral Gorge (above) to the famous beehive-shaped rock domes and mysterious Echidna Chasm – that leads you to the very heart of the rock formation –  you’ll constantly be surprised at how different one part is from the other.


For those who love hiking this is an amazing place to go exploring. There are multiple trails available to go adventuring from a couple of kilometres to a two day trek that takes you to the most hidden corner of the park. For this one you’ll have to take your own sleeping gear and check in at the park’s administration for a short induction and to grab an ePirb (emergency tracker).

Initially we hadn’t planned to visit the Bungle Bungles, but when we had a couple of days to spare after finishing the Gibb River Road, we decided to check it out and were super pleased we did!

The Park has two camp areas that are very well set up with toilets and water. You can stay for $12 per adult, per night right at the base of the Bungle Bungles (sunsets are amazing).

But just a reminder to always be aware of local wildlife and to respect the nature around you on your visit. We found this beautiful little snake in the ceiling of one of the camp toilets on the 3rd day. Who knows how long she was there for!!

Respect the local animals and always leave the area the way you found it so that whoever comes next can enjoy Purnalulu National Park as much as we did.