If you add a 4WD van to an ambitious Brazilian engineer and an adventurous Australia film maker, chuck in over 60 different countries across six continents and set a challenge to live and drive on a budget to reach a wild dream – then you have us!

We’ve left everything behind to drive across the entire globe, meet cultures, taste new foods, find untold good news stories, explore stunning terrain and make lifelong friends.

Our mission is to show the world that stepping out of your comfort zone to make your wildest dreams come true is SO possible, that – despite negative media coverage – good people and good deeds are abundant in this world and that living on a budget can fun and comfortable.

Lago Peyto.

If you’d like to read more about who we are – Alex, Michaela and our trusty van, Vanda – then click here.

Our goals

From the moment we even started having inklings of ideas for this trip we always knew that, no matter what we ended up doing, it would be much more than just travelling for the fun and experience of it.

We both agreed that we wanted to not only help ourselves by finding what we wanted for our futures along the way, but we also wanted to help those that we met on our journey.

How can you achieve your goals with so little resources?

Michaela driving in snow

But that’s when we got stuck. How do we help people when living in a tiny van, with limited money, contacts and resources and always being on the move?

We thought about helping communities in third world countries by offering our labour, transporting goods in Vanda and even doing some teaching. We also thought about doing the trip entirely to raise money for a certain charity and even had the idea to travel the whole globe carbon neutrally in order to encourage sustainable thinking.

All these ideas are great (and we’ll jump straight on board when the opportunity to do them arises) but we needed something more universal that could apply to every single person we meet along the way, including those following us through our photos, videos and stories.

Thats when we realised the answer had actually been with us all along…

Driving to inspire


First and foremost, this trip is about inspiration – its about showing the world that no matter what your crazy idea is, no matter how many people doubt it and how difficult it may be to achieve, making your dreams a reality is not only possible, but if you’re passionate enough its actually surprisingly easy too.

We had no idea of what we were getting into, nearly no experience in overland driving, hardly any spare time and a very limited budget. But through our passion, determination, open mindedness and hard work we have been able to dream BIG and are now living our dream.

Ang guess what? It’s actually easier than we had ever expected it to be.

Even if we don’t manage to circumnavigate the globe for some reason, we want to show the world even more so that through ours efforts trying, what we’ve learnt, the experiences we’ve had and the confidence we’ve gained along the way has already been life changing.

Chase your dreams

Shark Bay

We want to inspire every single person we meet on this epic trip to fight, struggle and chase your dreams no matter what – and to show that no matter how impossible some things may seem, there is always something we can do to take us one step closer to our dream and to be re-inspired to keep going further.

We want to teach you all to dream big, to aspire to be and do the best you possibly can in life, to commit to your dreams and follow them through so that your life can be turned into a fulfilling and rewarding experience.

Secondary goals

  1. Find and publish good news stories. There are so many wonderful people and things happening in the world however mainstream media focuses on mainly negative/shocking stories to make a profit.  We want to fight this and prove that the world still is a good place.

2. Prove that living on a budget is easy, comfortable and fun!

3. Donate our time and money to good causes along the way and volunteer our help anywhere we see needs it.


4. Minimise the carbon we emit by using renewable energy, planting trees and buying carbon offsets as we travel.


5. Create, build, fix and do everything we need for the trip with our own hands (and some help from friends).


6. Find new friends in as many people as possible along the way!


7. Try as many new and different types of food as we can while we travel.