We think everyone would agree when we say that travelling isn’t about the destination… its all about the journey itself. When you’re talking about a trip around the world, there’s no better way to describe it. So if the best part of the trip is the journey, then the best part of the preparations must certainly be deciding the route, right? And in our case, quite literally, we have a world of possibilities.

We’ve spent countless hours on Google maps, reading travel blogs, the many travel books we’ve acquired and talking to friends and fellow travellers to find the best places to visit on our trip. Unfortunately however, a vicious cycle has arisen in which the more time we spend researching places, the more amazing destinations we find and the more excited we get to visit them all!


Unfortunately we have some limitations when deciding where we can go. These include the time it may take to get there, seasonal weather conditions, security and of course if we’ll have enough money to make it there and back! This means that unfortunately we won’t be able to visit every single place that has set our hearts racing and the butterflies loose in our stomachs.

However, rest assured that when any possibility arises to visit somewhere new in reasonable safety, we will snaffle the opportunity up and make it happen without blinking an eye.

If you have any suggestions on where we can’t miss visiting (or where we’d best avoid), please let us know! Just leave a comment at the bottom of this page and we’ll love the challenge of trying to fit it into our itinerary!

Australia – Starting the trip down under


We’ve been living in the most isolated capital city in the world (Perth, Western Australia) since 2011. Not only is this where we bought Vanda and where the dream of our lives developed into reality, but it’s also the starting point of our trip and the perfect symbolism for our journey. We hope to start from complete isolation and broaden our horizons exponentially along the trip.

Australia is a country with very few people relative to the size of its land mass. Many places are completely isolated and only accessible by car. We’re going to take advantage of Vanda being 4×4 to explore some of the most remote places in the land down under.

Backpacking in South East Asia

South East Asia itinerary

Originally our plan was to send our car on a ship to South Korea, then on to Japan, but it turned out to be too expensive (especially at the very beginning of the trip). So we’ve decided to ship the car straight to North America from Australia and backpack through South East Asia in the 6 weeks it takes for Vanda to arrive in USA.

As Asia will be the only continent we’ll visit without our car, we’ll find ourselves surprisingly free and able to make decisions on where to visit spontaneously. Our plan is to use Air Asia’s ASEAN Pass  and local buses/train routes to visit as many different countries as we can within the 6 weeks we’ll have here. We’re super excited to visit places such as Malaysia, Vietnam, Loas, Cambodia and the Philippines. Please, if you’ve visited or live in any interesting cultural sites or beautiful destinations in these countries leave a comment below to see us add it to our itinerary.


The adventure continues in North America


We arrive in Seattle in October 2016 and will drive straight up to Vancouver, Canada to explore the Rocky Mountains before it gets too cold in winter. From there we proceed to drive east through the Canadian prairies and USA’s lakes region.

We’ll be in Quebec city in time for Thanksgiving and New York city for (hopefully) a white Christmas at the end of 2016.  Then its an epic road trip south and west towards Mexico.

Central and South America


With the exception of Brazil and a quick visit to Argentina we are complete strangers to Central and South America. Our dream has always been to get to know more of this amazing continent, its incredible natural beauty and diversity of cultures.



We’re so excited to see as much of Europe as possible, including Scandinavia, Eastern Europe, Turkey, Great Britain and even a quick hop across to Morocco (where we can’t miss driving Vanda through the sand dunes of the Sahara desert).


Screen Shot 2016-09-04 at 5.34.33 PM

Our exact itinerary through Africa is still under construction. We’re waiting until we get closer and know the political climate and security of some countries to finalise the route – but above is an idea of what we are thinking of driving.

On our return to South Korea and Japan


If the big lap of the globe is done and we still have time and money remaining we’ll be straight back to Asia in order to drive South Korea and Japan and explore these countries by van.

The plan it so drive to almost every corner of these two beautiful countries and get to know more about their unique cultures and traditions that are so different to Western ways of life.