Spending two to three years driving around the entire world is risky and dangerous, especially as the road rules, cultures and general security will vary in each place we go. More than just making it home safely, we also want to create a balance where we can make the most of this unique trip without jeopardising it  – thats why we’ve created this list of rules to follow along the journey.

1 – No unnecessary risks


How exciting would it be to drive Vanda across an unknown river in the middle of Africa? But a drop of water down the wrong place, an unexpected muddy bottom or even a sneaky crocodile might quickly turn our excitement to disaster.  Better to compromise and stick to safer water crossings in areas easier to reach help.

No excitement is worth the risk of jeopardising our entire trip.

2 – Make the most of every opportunity


This is a unique, once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and to embrace it fully we will jump at any ideas or experiences that come along (unless, of course, they go against rule number 1)

3 – Do not drive at night


There are endless reasons why most overlanders wouldn’t drive at night. Everything is trickier in the dark – from finding your destination, change a tyre or simply seeing obstacles on the road. Most crimes also happen during darker hours. So to avoid all of the above we’ll stick to sunshine drives.

4 – Do not drive tired


A tired brain and body will never be good at decision making or skilful driving. As soon as we get sleepy and find a suitable place to pull over we will stop for a break or somewhere to spend the night.

5 – No bribes


In this aspect we are super stubborn. We’ve read many people talking about how bribing is necessary to get to some places on while driving in exotic countries. However, we are strongly against corruption and believe that even if we get fined or Vanda gets towed for not paying a bribe we will be taking the high road that will eventually work out better for us.

6 – Keep the car tidy and everything in it’s designated spot


Living comfortably in a car for 2-3 years might be the biggest of all our challenges. To make sure it’s a liveable space that doesn’t drive us crazy we need to keep it organised, tidy and clean at all times.

7 – Always have more fuel than we need

250000 km

The only feeling worse than running out of fuel is spending an hour driving unsure if you’ll make it to the next petrol station before you actually do! Thats why we have a second fuel tank and a spare 20L jerry can for extra diesel. Stopping to refill tanks also allows us to stretch our legs, use the toilet and have a chat to the locals.

8 – Always greet people with a big smile


Regardless of language, race or culture, there is no better way to start a conversation than with a big sincere smile. It’s simply a great ice-breaker.

9 – Remember it is all about the two of us

Casamento de Alex e Michaela

It’s easy to take your partner for granted when spending so much time together. Michaela and I dreamed together, worked on this project together and embarked on this adventure together. Our objective has always been to build a better future for ourselves as a couple and all other rules only make sense as long as we have this in mind.