Hi guys,

As some of you may have noticed, we’ve recently paused our travels to fly home to Brazil and be with Alex’s family. Unfortunately our brother-in-law Rafael, who is very close to us, suffered a very serious motorbike accident and almost died.

Our very first time snowboarding in Quebec, Canada.

We decided to leave Vanda the van where we were in Mexico and grab a flight to Rio de Janeiro. So here we are… and the work doesn’t stop! We’ve been supporting Alex’s family with caring for our nephew and also photographing and editing weddings in place of Rafael to make sure his business continues.

Fishing with Rafael in our boat in Australia

It has been a hectic and emotional time in our lives, but we’re so glad we made the decision to come back and help in any way we could. Incredibly, Rafael is improving and continuing to astound us with his recovery. Over 2 months in the hospital and, hopefully, he’ll be home within a week!

We’re very sorry that our own content has been put on hold during this time, but family is always first priority. We’re flying back to Mexico to meet up with Vanda on November 29th to continue the journey. And we’ll be back to posting as usual.

Alex, Michaela and Rafael with the rest of Alex’s family in Vanda. This photo was taken in Australia, 2 years before we started the trip!

Thank you or all your support and patience,

Alex and Michaela.