Although Canadians cars are left-hand drive, most likely influenced by the proximity of the United States, ever since the country permitted the importation of right-hand drive cars they have become ever more popular. And guess what one of the most popular imported four wheel drives is? Yep.. the Mitsubishi Delica!

So when we posted on Facebook that we were on our way to Vancouver Canada, the guys at BC Right Hand Drive 4WD invited us to be a part of one of their regular catch-ups. We gladly accepted the invite and showed up with Vanda to the designated Tim Horton’s (Canada’s version of Starbucks) carpark to meet the crew.

BC RHD 4WD Meeting

We didn’t really know what to expect when we arrived, but as we drove into the carpark it was clear that the news of our visit had spread! A big group of mostly Delica drivers were there waiting for us, all neatly aligned in a row of proud four wheel drive vans.


Wherever we go, we get a lot of questions and remarks about Vanda, mostly people asking how we prepared her for the trip and what is inside and on top (the solar panel gets a lot of interested looks here in North America especially).

So we spent a good three hours meeting the members of BC Right Hand Drive 4WD, sharing stories and absorbing a whole lot of tips for driving in Canada – mostly how to survive the cold.

Thanks to these guys we now know to buy a block heater for Vanda (to keep her engine warm during cold nights) and what sort of fluids to use to avoid frozen pipes and engine. Super helpful information for a couple who lived in a scorching desert and a tropical rainforest for the majority of their lives.

As a member of a Brazilian motorcycle group since 2005, Alex is right at home at these sort of meetings. Getting people with similar interests and equipment together is always a fun way to enjoy weekends and get socialising. We were so warmly received and enjoyed every moment of meeting this group and hope to participate in other similar events along our trip.


We left the meeting full of good vibes, with warm hearts and even more excited for our drive through Canada. We received so many positive comments about our trip and helpful tips that we were fully reminded of how lucky we are to be doing what we love – travelling the world and meeting amazing people along the way!

If you know of a similar group or have the same interests as us, we’d love to meet you if we’re driving close by. Send us an email to or a message to our Facebook Page and lets organise a catch up! We love meeting new people, sharing stories and swapping tips.