Tobi and Anja shipped their awesome VW Syncro Camper from Germany to Uruguay, where they begun their northbound PanAmerican Adventure almost 2 years ago.

Since then they’ve driven through 15+ countries and had some moments of both joy and anger along the way. When we saw them rolling into our campsite in Mulege, Mexico we couldn’t help but be impressed with their rig.

We knew straight away we wanted a tour! It doesn’t get any more funky than a 4×4 VW Transporter Syncro converted to a camper, right? Their Transporter was originally owned by Volkswagen themselves and sent to a company called Special Mobils for a full one-of-a-kind camper conversion.

Only after a couple of years visiting exhibitions in Europe was it finally passed on to normal owners who could actually enjoy this beauty. These two had such a great vibe that it was sad seeing them head off in the opposite direction after a couple of nights camping together.

Safe travels guys! If you wanna read more about their trip you can found out more here: (some German or Google Translate might help)