Many people see us living in a van and wonder how we manage to live in such a tight space, with no bathroom, heating or proper kitchen. But to us, we wouldn’t change the way we life for the world (at least for now).

Here are 7 reasons we believe we live in complete luxury while spending almost nothing!

1. You never have to clean the toilet

Apart from wiping flat surfaces, a quick sweep of the floors and keeping the windows clear, you’ll never have to clean anything again!

The time we save on scrubbing, vacuuming and dusting is put to good use exploring beautiful places all over the world.

Having no bathroom or fully equiped kitchen can be limiting at times, but with a hot outdoor shower and a small, but more than adequate kitchen, we live comfortably in our non-traditional home and love the fact we hardly have to clean anything!

2. The best views in town for free

From camping on an isolated beach, to waking up with a view to Uluru in Australia or having lunch among the snow topped mountains and icy lakes of Canada – living in a van allows us to set up our home next to the most beautiful spots imaginable.

Every morning we wake up to a million dollar view – and usually we don’t pay a single cent for it!

3. A healthier lifestyle

Living in a small van automatically means you’ll be spending a lot more time outdoors than you ever did living in a traditional home. When its warm we cook, eat and relax outdoors and spend a lot more time hiking and exploring our surroundings than we ever have before.

Life gets even better when there’s water nearby – natural beaches, lakes and rivers are like our own private pool and we make the most of every opportunity to take a splash.

4. Bye-bye annoying neighbours

Most nights we camp in isolated areas or in campgrounds where our neighbours are having just as much fun camping as we are.

We’ve made countless friends who are either enjoying the van/camping lifestyle or have seen our set up and come to talk to us about the way we live. Most get super excited to try out something similar and end up falling in love with the lifestyle too.

Lastly, we don’t have any fixed neighbours! This means, if we ever had any problems (which we haven’t so far), we can just move on to the next amazing spot to set up our home. Life couldn’t get better than that!

5. No more bills!

Apart from fuel and registration or insurance, you’ll never have to pay another bill again! We get our electricity free from a solar panel on the roof, fill our 70l water tank up for free every month or so and cook using an electric slow cooker or cheap gas stove most nights.

Our only living costs are rare camping fees when we decide to use a campground, laundromat costs, maintenance and the occasional time we pay for a hot, indoor shower.

6. Every few days our ‘backyard’ gets a makeover

Sick of all that snow? Or getting a bit too sunburnt camped on that pristine beach? No worries, lets head somewhere else!!

The best part of living in a van is that we’re free to go wherever we want, whenever we want and we can stay for however long we feel like in our new ‘backyard’.

7. Better work-life balance

No, unfortunately we can’t afford to live without working at all. We still work hard on our business, sell photos and make corporate/wedding films for clients in order to afford our traveling lifestyle.

But one of the reasons we decided to lower our living costs and sleep in a van while travelling the world was to be able to have more time to work on what we’re really passionate about.

That means we only work on what we enjoy doing and, without the pressure of having to pay a pile of bills, we don’t need to work as much as we used to.

So what are you waiting for?

Van life isn’t always as perfect and easy as all these photos and famous Instagram feeds make it out to be. There is definitely a downside to the van lifestyle too! Check out why it sucks here.