We’ve been in Mexico for less than 48 hours and today, we missed tragedy by literally a couple of inches.

We decided to leave the highway in Santo Tomás and take the backroads to our campsite on the coast near Punta Cabras. We’d heard some great things about the isolation and the beauty of the area and had decided to meet a friend there for a weekend camped together.

Almost halfway through the 30km dirt road we turned a left curve and were confronted with a car coming swiftly towards us on our side of the road. The car tried to stop and skidded to a halt just in front of Vanda.

The 13 second video above, filmed by the dash-cam we only recently purchased, show exactly what happened.

Thankfully we were able to pull to the far right and stop before anything more serious happened. We were super lucky to avoid a serious headache with repairs, insurance and the rest in a foreign country.

A little shaken, we continued on our journey with a guilt wave from the other driver. We were able to meet our friend from 360 Motorcycle Adventures and pass the rest of the weekend in complete peace!