Driving around the world may seem daunting, but we have received incredible amounts of support every step of the way. This support has come from companies with products who truly added value to our project and from people – usually complete strangers – that we have met along the way.

Product support

We hand selected some of the best products on the market to help us on our journey. These include the following equipment that we are proud to endorse.


Individual support

We’ve made dozens of new friends while on the road who have made our journey a lot more enjoyable and certainly a lot easier. From locals who offer us a hot meal and a shower at their place to fellow road trippers who give us tips and mechanics who have done work on Vanda for free – we are eternally grateful.

You guys make us feel at home, like we’re with family no matter where we are, and enrich this journey so much. We hope that we leave you with some inspiration and courage to follow your dreams like we’ve done.