Greeting the World

Some could say we are the most unlikely couple imaginable. Alex comes from a conservative middle class family who live in Rio de Janeiro, while Michaela is the proud prodigy of two hippies that call the most isolated capital city in the world home – Perth, Australia.

We’ve started our trip from Perth on May 7th 2016. And for the next 3 years will be visiting some of the most incredible places on Earth, by car!


Alex is a Brazilian mechanical engineer who is passionate about 4x4ing, tasting weird foods, photography, motorcycling and being Mr. Fix It. He’s the web designer, photographer and tactical brains of our project who was crazy enough to dream of driving around the world.

He’s determination, knowledge and sheer passion has made it a reality – now he’s enjoying tasting weird food all over the world.


Michaela graduated as a Public Relations specialist in her home country, Australia, but finds real joy in filming and creating short videos.

She’s attempting to film the adventure of driving around the world to inspire others to get out there, make their dreams happen and go travelling. Michaela enjoys getting active outdoors, cooking, managing her wedding video business and exploring new places.


Yes, we treat our car as part of our family. She is the 1994 model Mitsubishi van which inspired us to drive around the world. When we realised we could travel, cook and sleep inside and go anywhere we want (yes, she’s 4×4) for less money than it costs to live in an Australian apartment.

By the time we started our journey, she had already clocked 237,000kms on her odometer and had plenty of good stories to tell. Well, at least if she could talk. To find out more about the Mitsubishi Delica and why we chose her to do this voyage, click here.